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Fibre Laser Metal Marking Machine

Fibre Laser Metal Marking Machine are high performance industrial grade machineries that are used for engraving various types of elegant and precise design and writings on the soft to hard fibrous, metal, non-metal, wooden and ceramic objects. These are fully automated in operation provided with a programmable computerized system which only requires a single user to feed the input coordinates to the computer system. Fibre Laser Metal Marking Machine are highly accurate in operation and do not produce any kind of machining waste after the cutting process. 
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Fibre Metal Marking Machine

Price: 250000 INR/Set

Applications: 1. Widely used in electronic part and component, electrical engineering, electrical appliance, telecommunication product, car and motorcar spare part, instrument and meters, plastic case, aviation and aerospace, military product, hardwareitting and accessory, facility, measuring implement, cutting tool, sanitary appliance, stationery, medicament, food and beverage, make-up, medicine packaging, medical instrument, clock and jewelry, light-through key board, solar PV, and craft, etc. 2. Widely suitable for various metals, alloy, metallic oxide materials and some non-metallic materials(silicon wafer, ceramics, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, ABS, printing ink, plating, spraying, and coating film, etc.

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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine

Price: 250000 INR/Set

Features: 1. Fiber laser: high- speed scanning galvo mirror; English operation system. 2. Strong software functions, convenient Control Panel, set and deal separately. 3. Professional control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Photoshop, etc. 4. It could achieve the auto arrangement and amendment of letter, symbol, pattern, figure, image, bar code, 2D code, serial number, and auto increasing, etc. 5. It supports PLT, PCX, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG format pictures. It is also available by Using TIF, SHX character code.

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Denim Jeans Laser Marking Machine

Price: 620000 INR/Set

1.Introduce of this machine: Stable performance, long lifetime, mainly used to cut and mark on nonmetal materials, high speed, high precision, high efficiency. This Co2 Laser Markers Machine be used in wood, paper, leather, cloth. Plexiglass, epoxy, acrylic, plastic, unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials. 2. Feature: 1) Fast speed marking on non-metal materials, marking speed may achieve 230 characters per second. 2) Mark the small area leather or textile material cutting, with maximum marking area 100*100mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm 3) Mechanism as well as the control system can be custom-made according to customer special requirements. 3. Applicable Materials: This Co2 Laser Marker Machines can be used in wood, paper, leather, cloth. Plexiglass, epoxy, acrylic, plastic, ucsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials 4. Applicable Industry: This series Co2 Laser Markers Machine is widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking.

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Laser Metal and Non Metal Cutting Machine

Price: 650000 INR/Set
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:2 Days